Foresight Business Consulting, Inc.

Foresight Business Consulting, Inc. provides high-value strategic marketing support to your healthcare business, focused on enhancing your product’s market uptake. We serve as a project-based marketing presence to develop innovative marketing programs and implement winning selling tactics.

Foresight’s market-driven, customer-centric approach helps clients in four ways:

  1. Integrating value-enhancing customer requirements into new product designs
  2. Growing existing business through improved marketing, branding and innovation
  3. Launching new products or existing products into new markets
  4. Improving competitive positioning

Why did we pick the name Foresight? “Foresight” is the ability to exercise good judgment in practical matters. Therefore, our commitment is to apply our good business judgment based upon our years of highly successful experience to help clients resolve their market challenges. We incorporate the sextant into our logo, because just as this tool successfully guides the ship to port, so too Foresight’s tools and capabilities guide firms to successful business outcomes.


About Me

Steve Garchow is a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience in strategy, marketing, and product development in the medical device industry.

Foresight Business Consulting™, Inc.

Telephone: (224) 520 – 0506