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Up-stream Marketing with Foresight™ is our methodology for identifying high-value customer requirements. Our highly successful approaches will help you better understand customer needs and integrate these findings into compelling product features.

Techniques to design better productsUpscale LVP roadmap: USA

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer need gap analysis
  • Customer buying behavior
  • Product feature planning and prioritization
  • Human Factors Validation Testing (HFVT)
  • Test market assessment
  • Customer data collection: focus group, personal interview, and on-line / written surveys.

Product Roadmapping
One approach to attain product leadership is to compare your product offerings to validated customer needs. This requires an aggressive assessment and prioritization of existing customer needs, as well as the identification of critical customers in specific future time periods.This requires an astute understanding of market forces and customer information gathering techniques. But just as importantly, is integrating an understanding of major competitive product portfolio improvements – data that many companies neglect to assess. Only by assessing the customer and the competition can a company be confident that it is planning correctly for it future product portfolio. Foresight has the skills and experience to drive these types of portfolio roadmaps.

Human Factors Validation Testing (HFVT)
Our Human Factors Validation Testing (HVFT) experience optimizes medical device design and improves usability. Optimal product designs incorporate human factors that permit the user to perform the intended function in an intuitive manner. In June, 2011, following a series of incidents where medical device use resulted in user errors causing patient harm, the Food and Drug Administration implemented draft guidance for integrating device usability into the design process.

Foresight performs Human Factors Validation Testing (HVFT) for medical device manufacturers. We work with your design team to identify the device processes subject to human error. Then we develop and implement a usability validation plan. Our plans incorporate a Formative study early in the design process. Then, once production-equivalent devices are available, we conduct the Summative study for submission to the FDA. Foresight works with your regulatory group to ensure that the Human Factors Validation Testing (HVFT) protocol and results fit seamlessly into your submission.

For details on Foresight’s approach to Human Factors Validation Testing (HVFT) download “Addressing the FDA’s device usability focus.

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