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Commercial Effectiveness with Foresight™ is our approach for developing a successful commercialization strategy, using pricing, promotion and programming to drive product line sales. These approaches will increase company sales and profits. The product launch plan is a critical component for commercializing any product. While many companies are experienced in developing launch plans domestically, planning a global launch may be foreign to them (pardon the pun).

Foresight addresses complex marketing challenges across every stage of the product life-cycleClinical papers , Increased sales and profits

  • Early in the design phase to ensure customer requirements are integrated into the product feature set
  • Later in the product design phase to validate human factors optimization
  • Pre-launch to manage key opinion leader perspectives and help align clinical studies against marketplace needs
  • Prior to launch to heighten awareness of clinical issues that will be solved by the commercialized product
  • Launch to establish positioning and messaging framework
  • Growth and maturity to insulate against competitors and evolving market conditions

Techniques to increase sales and profitsForesight Brochures

  • Commercial plan development
  • Product positioning
  • Messaging & branding
  • Competitive feature & benefit comparison
  • Pricing optimization
  • Tactical launch program development
  • Sales & marketing collateral development
  • Sales training tools

Foresight has extensive experience developing and implementing global product and service launches. A key to our success is knowing the kinds of launch activities that should fit into the overall global plan and which elements should be driven by local country decisions. Let us show you how successful global launches can be developed.

Not sure whether you are effectively marketing your products. Use this self-assessment to find out how you’re doing:
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Download “Optimizing the product launch plan” for details on Foresight’s approach to launch planning.

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