Stephen R. Garchow

Steve Garchow - Foresight Business ConsultingStephen (Steve) Garchow is President of Foresight Business Consulting™, Inc., a Chicago-based marketing firm specializing in solving critical marketing issues for healthcare corporations. Steve is obsessed with making a difference in the way companies commercialize medical products. He believes any company can significantly improve financial performance through marketing.

Steve helps companies by providing high-value strategic marketing support, focused on enhancing the market uptake of products and services. Using his marketing experience and savvy, Steve effectively devises and executes plans to overcome market challenges. Steve provides hands-on help to strengthen the market position of his clients’ medical products and drive commercial success.

Foresight’s market-driven, customer-centric approach helps clients in four ways: 1) growing existing business through improved marketing, branding and innovation, 2) integrating value-enhancing customer requirements into new product designs, 3) launching new products or existing products into new markets, and 4) improving competitive positioning.

As a seasoned marketing professional, Steve has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, particularly with medical devices. He has successfully directed more than 20 health care product and service launch campaigns.

Steve started his career in market research, where he learned the value of collecting data to drive better marketing decisions. As he assumed greater marketing responsibility, he developed a blueprint for global product launches and successfully implemented two of the first global launches for Baxter’s Renal Division. After a 6-year stint driving double-digit growth for the Renal business in Australia and New Zealand, Steve was appointed VP, Global Marketing and transformed the Infusion Systems Division into a globally-focused marketing operation. After he left Baxter, Steve ran sales and marketing for two start-up firms, driving market success on a shoe-string budget.

As President of Foresight Steve has helped dozens of clients reach their objectives by improving marketing performance.

About Me

Steve Garchow is a seasoned business professional with over 30 years of experience in strategy, marketing, and product development in the medical device industry.

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