Create Better Products

Up-stream Marketing with Foresight™:

Our method for identifying high-value requirements includes successful approaches to help you clarify and validate customer needs and infuse them into more compelling product features that better meet your client’s expectations and desired results.

Reliable business decisions are a product of well-planned and designed market research.

Case in point: A client wanted to identify features for a cooler that would reduce a patient’s internal temperature. The new instrument would complement their disposable cooling product. Foresight Marketing interviewed clinical experts and conducted ICU clinician focus groups. Feature gaps of the existing equipment were identified and required features were verified for either a minimum viable product launch or a technology leadership product launch.

For more information regarding this successful marketing effort, refer to the “Customer Needs” Case Study in the Resource Section.

Proven Techniques:

  • Qualitative market research
  • Customer profiling
  • Feature gap analysis
  • Test market assessments
  • Usability study moderation

For Foresight Marketing perspectives on creating better products by integrating customer needs into product design, visit our Marketing Blog for recent postings or visit the Resource Section for self-help articles and case studies.