Elevate Marketing Effectiveness

Commercial Effectiveness with Foresight™:

Our approach for developing and implementing product commercialization utilizes branding, positioning, promotion, collateral development, marketing program development, and competitor analysis.
Foresight Marketing employs these techniques to successfully assist a company in realizing increased revenue and profitability.

Substantial impact is a result of accurate messaging. 

Case in point: A company successfully established a distribution business for a small medical segment and wanted to penetrate the hospital market. All efforts led to failed traction. Foresight Marketing was hired and proceeded to identify unique company offerings and verify that these capabilities were appealing to hospitals.  Foresight Marketing designed messaging to reflect these verified findings and designed a marketing campaign that proceeded to achieve significant sales. To capitalize on qualified leads, the company needed to enlarge the sales team.

For more information regarding this successful marketing effort, refer to the “Messaging” case study found in the Resource Section.

Activities Performed:

  • Develop a commercial plan of action
  • Position product in the marketplace
  • Create messaging and branding
  • Compare competitive features and benefits
  • Train and educate clinicians
  • Develop product launch plans
  • Create and execute tactical marketing programs
  • Develop sales and marketing traditional and digital collateral materials
  • Design and develop pertinent sales training tools

For Foresight Marketing perspectives on elevating marketing effectiveness, visit our Marketing Blog for recent postings or visit the Resource Section for self-help articles and case studies.