Optimize Market Understanding

Market Understanding with Foresight™:

Our process-oriented and proven approach assesses market characteristics that impact a company’s commercial success. Foresight Marketing’s extensive success creating and implementing market research protocols to collect facts that support solid business decisions is drawn from diverse experiences in primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Primary market research techniques include:

  • Written surveys
  • On-line questionnaires
  • Telephone / Online / Personal interviews
  • Focus groups

Our Approach

Arrive at the right answer by asking the right question. Foresight Marketing is meticulous in research instrument design.

  • We investigate and develop questions our clients want answered
  • We deploy specialized instrument design training to compose questions reflective of our client’s information needs to ensure the accurate capture of respondents’ perspectives

Foresight Marketing collaborates with recruiting, mass data collection and focus group housing companies to perform our research, which enables us to provide top quality, cost-effective and efficient market research solutions and results.

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