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Foresight Marketing provides assignment- and project-based marketing consulting services specialized in strengthening and reinforcing healthcare company product market positioning.

Our Approach

Create Better Products

Elevate Marketing Effectiveness

Optimize Market Understanding

Formulate Strategy

Contact Foresight Marketing when you want to …

  • Grow an existing business with on-target marketing
  • Gain insightful qualitative market research intelligence
  • Evaluate new product market potential and receptivity
  • Penetrate new markets with existing products or services
  • Infuse value-rich customer requirements into product design and presentation
  • Identify new-to-the-world product commercialization opportunities
  • Improve competitive positioning to expand customer awareness and increase market share
  • Incorporate in-depth marketing, branding, and innovative critical thinking into projects
  • Research, design, plan and implement medical symposia and clinician education programs

With Foresight Marketing’s experience in designing therapy advancement marketing programs, new-to-the-world products are less of a challenge to commercialize than previously experienced.

Case in point: A client developed the first product capable of delivering protein to malnourished peritoneal dialysis patients. Implementation of our 4-step process prepared the market for a new product introduction which gained successful market entry that continues to generate significant revenue growth 10 years later.

  1. Investigated and distributed clinical evidence regarding the poor patient outcome effect of protein malnutrition
  2. Identified and developed tools for accurate clinical diagnosis of patients suffering from protein malnutrition
  3. Assembled an expert panel to analyze the underlying science behind the product and its positive patient outcomes driving development of peer-reviewed documentation that could be integrated into content for marketing collateral materials
  4. Developed influential branding and messaging to support the product’s market launch

For more information regarding this successful marketing effort, refer to the New Product Marketing Case Study in the Resources Section.